Product Summary

In today's business world, every new home-based entrepreneur needs a personalized website as a two-way portal to potential customers. The replicated website you offer is accurate, legal and reflects your brand message through professional images and carefully crafted copy. You add value and build confidence and trust with Customers and Distributors. You host the full shopping experience and facilitate the easiest, most convenient way to develop a meaningful income no matter where your customers are located.

As a company, having control over the branding messages that get delivered to and by thousands of distributors is both a proactive sales decision and protective tool as a responsible business partner.

xReplicate provides pre-approved templates which each distributor can select to build his or her own website according to their specific target audience. xReplicate also allows site content to be customized by a distributor, such as site name, design, photo, and their individual story. Once selected, website content will be directed to the appropriate corporate staff for approval based on company policy

Key Functionality

  • New Distributor Enrollment & Full Shopping experience
  • Pre-Approved Product and Company Information
  • Personal Profile Management
  • AutoShip Management
  • Party Management Option
  • Enabling corporate approved videos and content
  • Proactive Customer Prospecting


World Headquarters

Phone: (385) 707-0700

Address: 5252 Edgewood Dr Suite 325, Provo, UT 84604, United States

South America Offices

Address: Urb. Covicorti Mz E, Trujillo - Perú.

Europe Headquarters

Phone: +34 914147816
Address: Cuatro Torres Business Area
Pase de la Castellana 259C, Planta: 18
Madrid, Spain

Sales Department