Product Summary

xCorporate is at the heart of a robust, integrated and modular software system, designed with your Network Marketing, Party Plan or Direct Selling success in mind. Whether you are a start-up or a multi-national, xCorporate is a scalable software solution that is both a budget friendly and a bottom-line responsible investment. Your entire Management team will be supported as never before. Make operational and marketing decisions based on real-time information and extremely flexible reporting tools.

Key Functionality

Commission Engines, Tools, and Reports, Distributor/Account set-up Management,Order Entry and Fulfillment,Credit Card Processing with selected Merchant Accounts,Distributor Rank Promotions/Demotions,Extensive Reports (existing Standard and ad-hoc queries),Executive & Management Dashboards Product and Inventory Management Document & Content Management, Sales Tax Management, 1099 Generation FAQs, and much more…

Main Features

The Xirect "Start-Up" Offering (Recommended)

At the heart of your company in this industry is the Compensation Plan you have selected to drive your business. At Xirect, we understand the importance placed on creating the perfect compensation plan and making sure the Commission Engine, Reports, and Integration tools are powerful and able to accurately reflect your business.

We believe the Xirect commission engines are among the most powerful and durable in the industry and are designed to easily allow Compensation Plan tweaks and customizations. Each process is optimized to provide the absolute best performance results. Xirect supports every compensation plan imaginable (Unilvel, Binary, Matrix, Hybrids, Party Plan, Custom Designs etc.), which can be market-specific or globally seamless. xCorporate allows real-time calculations and qualification previews.

World Headquarters

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Address: 5252 Edgewood Dr Suite 325, Provo, UT 84604, United States

South America Offices

Address: Urb. Covicorti Mz E, Trujillo - Perú.

Europe Headquarters

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